For the safety of our members and meeting leaders, The Token 3 Club adheres to the Kentucky Healthy at Work order and guidelines​​. Please review and practice all guidelines below prior to arrival.

The Token 3 Club is open for the purpose of conducting 12-step meetings only. During the pandemic, the common area will be closed for fellowship or recovery work. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your meeting and leave immediately after.

If you are a member of a vulnerable class, please consider taking advantage of online options rather than in-person meetings.

Max Capacity

  • Maximum attendance at any meeting is 60.

Mask Requirements

  • Masks/face covering are required to be worn at all times while in the club. You may pull the mask out of the way to eat and drink only when seated. Masks are to remain in place when sharing at a meeting.
  • Attendees without their own mask/face covering will be offered a disposable mask for sale at our cost. Those without any means to pay will be given one.

Social Distancing Requirements

  • The divider between the meeting rooms will be left open. There will only be this one meeting room during the pandemic.
  • The Service Meeting Room is closed.
  • Chairs in the meeting room are placed 6′ apart. Please do not rearrange the chairs.
  • Only one (1) person is allowed in the bathroom at a time. Access to both bathrooms is limited to a single stall and sink.
  • No outside, shareable foods/treats (i.e. cakes, snacks) are allowed at this time. Concessions are available for purchase.
  • Recovery materials are available at the club for purchase. Only one (1) person at a time is allowed in the retail area when perusing items.
  • The smoking area is closed.