Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Find the best meeting time for you.

We host a variety of open (anyone can attend), closed (for alcoholics only), women’s, men’s, and co-ed Alcoholics Anonymous meetings seven days a week. Meeting formats include Speaker, Discussion, Big Book Study, and Step Study.

  • Speaker: a member of AA shares his/her story
  • Discussion: a topic from AA literature is presented and discussed
  • Big Book Study: the AA text is read and discussed
  • Step Study: groups work through the 12 steps together

Anyone is welcome to attend open meetings; closed meetings are only for those that are in recovery.

If you are new to or are considering joining Alcoholics Anonymous, we have a newcomer’s meeting Tuesday through Friday at 6:30 p.m.


9:00 a.m.Metro TraditionsOpen Speaker / Discussion
11:00 a.m.Greater FallsOpen Speaker
2:00 p.m.Fourth Dimension GroupOpen Discussion
4:00 p.m.We Are Never AloneOpen Speaker / Discussion
6:30 p.m.Mall GroupOpen Discussion
8:00 p.m.Big Book StudyOpen Discussion


7:00 a.m.Monday MeditationOpen Discussion / Mediation
7:30 a.m.Gratitude GroupOpen Speaker
11:00 a.m.Monday Morning LadiesClosed Discussion / Women’s
1:00 p.m.Monday at 1:00Open Discussion
6:30 p.m.GrapevineOpen Discussion
8:00 p.m.Monday Night StepClosed Discussion / Men’s
8:00 p.m.Relapse No MoreOpen Discussion


7:00 a.m.Early WormOpen Discussion
10:30 a.m.Mid MorningOpen Discussion
12:00 p.m.Tuesday NoonMeditation
5:30 p.m.How We Do ItOpen Discussion
6:30 p.m.NewcomersOpen Discussion
8:00 p.m.Bozo Acceptance HourOpen Discussion


7:00 a.m.Early WormOpen Discussion
9:00 a.m.Happy, Joyous & FreeOpen Discussion / Women
12:00 p.m.Noon LuncheonOpen Discussion
2:00 p.m.Sobriety & BeyondOpen Discussion
6:30 p.m.NewcomersOpen Discussion
8:00 p.m.Pages of ProgressOpen Discussion


7:00 a.m.Early WormOpen Discussion
9:30 a.m.You Are EnoughOpen Discussion / Women
10:45 a.m.Merry Hall GroupClosed Discussion / Women
12:00 p.m.What’s For LunchMeditation
2:00 p.m.Big Book StudyOpen Discussion
6:30 p.m.NewcomersOpen Discussion
8:00 p.m.East End GroupOpen Discussion


7:00 a.m.Early WormOpen Discussion
10:30 a.m.Friday Morning 12 & 12Open Discussion
12:00 p.m.Friday PedestrianOpen Discussion
2:00 p.m.Friday at 2:00Meditation
6:30 p.m.NewcomersOpen Discussion
8:00 p.m.PrimetimeOpen Discussion
9:30 p.m.Another ChanceOpen Discussion


8:00 a.m.Early BirdOpen Speaker/ Discussion
10:00 a.m.Drunkin’ DonutsOpen Discussion
2:00 p.m.SOS GroupOpen Discussion
4:00 p.m.Saturday NewcomerOpen Discussion
6:00 p.m.Saturday at 6Open Discussion
8:00 p.m.Come and Get Your LoveOpen Discussion

One day at a time.